Do you ever find yourself bamboozled when it comes to beauty products? There are so many lotions and potions available to us lucky ladies (and gents) that have been ‘scientifically proven’ to give us skin like a Victoria’s Secret model and hair like Kate Middleton’s, but which ones actually work? Is any of the science behind these products really valid or is it just nonsensical  jargon produced by some people in white coats to confuse us into buying their products? Wouldn’t it be nice if the science was explained in plain English to help decode the chemicals and separate the facts about beauty from the fiction? Then look no further!

My name is Sophie, I live in Manchester in the UK. I have a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Liverpool and am currently doing a PhD in Protein Biochemistry at the University of Manchester. Whilst I’m loving life in the lab for the moment, in the long term I would love to have a job in science communication, in helping the public to understand the really exciting breakthroughs that are made in labs across the globe every day! This blog seemed like a great way to practice writing about science in a way that anyone can understand.

It always pains me to see friends and family getting excited about new beauty products and treatments, repeating tag lines from TV adverts with science that simply makes no sense. The aim of this blog is to describe in simple terms how beauty products work and to explain some of the basic science behind them in the hopes that you might stop and question the £200 cream that has been scientifically proven to change your life. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not about being negative about new treatments or the scientists who develop them, there really is some fascinating science that goes on in the laboratories behind these products and I think the public would be interested about finding out more about what they’re putting all over their faces every day!  Whilst I am not in the cosmetic industry and am far from an expert, I would love to use the knowledge gained over my years in biochemistry to decode the jargon used by the industry to help people to develop an interest in science and the chemicals lurking in their bathroom cupboards!

Please feel free to get in touch via the contact page with any queries, suggestions for products to cover or if you would like to contribute to this blog! It would be great to encourage more girls (and boys!) to get involved and interested in science so do get in touch!




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  1. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I have changed to a self-hosted site and will be deleting wordpress.com soon. So, if you still wish to follow me (please do 😉 ), you will need to do so through bloglovin’ or an email subscription on my blog. Both follow options can be found here: http://simplydavelyn.com. Thanks for your original follow and support! Hope to see you on my blog still! Have a great day!


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