Atlas Origins Argan Oil: Benefits for Hair and Skin


Argan oil is HUGE news in the cosmetic industry and I’m sure you’ve seen it cropping up in your beauty products left, right and centre! Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, native to Morocco; it is used in both hair and skincare product as it claims a range of benefits, but what exactly are they and how does it work? I have been trialling a pure argan oil product from Atlas Origins for the past few weeks to see what all the hype is about… (Twitter: @AtlasOrigins)

Argan oil has long been used for the treatment of skin conditions such as acne. This is because it’s jam-packed full of antiseptic ingredients such as resorcinol and linoleic acid which are commonly used in the treatment of acne. Linoleic acid is a fatty acid which is also great at retaining moisture and is great for keeping skin and hair soft. Resorcinol is an organic chemical, which means that it has a carbon atom-based structure, and it is used as an anti-dandruff agent. Up to an hour before I wash my hair I have been massaging Atlas Origins pure argan oil onto my scalp and working it down to the roots of my hair. This helps to lift any dead skin cells from the scalp and leaves the skin nice and soft. After towel-drying my hair, I the rub a small amount into the roots of my hair, which are very dry from excessive use of heat products, and this has been helping with keeping the ends feel softer and more hydrated. NB this is a pure oil product so a little goes a long way and avoid using at the roots after washing hair!

This oil is also great for skin; squalene is a lipid produced naturally by the skin and is found in argan oil where it acts as a natural moisturiser when applied directly to the skin. It also includes caffeic acid an anti-inflammatory agent and tyrosol an anti-oxidant. It is thought that the anti-oxidant agents in argan oil reduce inflammation in the skin caused by UV radiation damage and can reduce the effects of UV hyperpigmenation which occurs during aging. There is still a lot of work being carried out in this area to further define these properties but results so far are promising for the use of argan oil as an anti-aging product!

I have loved using this Atlas Origins oil and will be continuing to use this product as it has made my dry ends feel so much softer and less fly-away. Over the next few weeks I might try out a few other ways of using argan oil in homemade beauty treatments for hair and skin so watch this space! Have you tried argan oil or do you have any favourite argan oil products? If so, let me know below!



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