Great news and good times to come…

I just wanted to write a quick update post as The Scientific Beauty was 1 month old this Thursday. Just wanted to thanks everyone who has read and followed my little blog so far and for all the encouragement you have given me in this short space of time! It has been an EXTREMELY stressful week for me as I had my first year PhD viva on Thursday; basically some professors read my first year report of all the experiments I have done so far in my PhD and then I had to sit in a room with them while they interrogated me about what I’d done and what I knew! It was terrifying to say the least and I have been extremely anxious for a few weeks now leading up to it but after it was over it was such a great feeling and an even greater feeling because I passed!

Throughout this time I have really enjoyed writing this blog and taking to all you other bloggers as not only did it take my mind off things but it’s also been a great way to improve on skills outside of the lab and help me realise that there are more important things in life than work! I am so thrilled that so far that The Scientific Beauty has 50 Bloglovin followers, 26 WordPress followers, 150 followers of the Twitter account and over 300 site views! This is far more than I ever dreamed I could achieve in such a shot space of time so thank you all so much and I hope you continue to read and enjoy my posts because I have a lot of exciting things to come!

Sophie xx

Time to enjoy the summer!

Time to enjoy the summer!



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