The cause of the dreaded frizz and how to combat it


So much for the British summer hey? Rainy and humid days like today here in Manchester (the rainy city!) can really play havoc with our hair, not ideal when we have places to go and people to see! So why is it that a teeny bit of water in the air causes such a dramatic change in our hair?

It’s all down to some simple chemistry. Our hair is made of chains of a protein called keratin which is coiled into the shape of a spring, known as an alpha-helical structure, and then these strands are further coiled together into bundles, like the strands in a rope. Keratin has a high (relative) percentage of cysteine amino acids in its structure, these can form what are known as disulphide bonds with each other and hold keratin strongly in its coiled structure. These strong bonds have no problem holding keratin structure through a bit of water; the problems we have in humid conditions are all down to weaker bonds called hydrogen bonds. These are bonds which keratin proteins make between each other to help strengthen its coiled shape. When water is present these bonds break and the keratin structure loosens and stretches and hair becomes frizzy. This breaking of hydrogen bondsย also occurs when you wash your hair and the hydrogen bonds reform as hair dries. It is possible to shape the way that these hydrogen bonds form which is why if you twist up your hair while it dries it keeps it’s curled shape when dry or when you put your hair in a pony when wet you’re stuck with a kink from the bobble!

So now we know what causes this annoying frizz effect, how can we stop it? Well there are many products out there which claim to stop frizz but I’m going to recommend my favourite: Lee Stafford DeHUMIDIFIER. Simply spray the fine mist over your hair before you go to the gym or clubbing or wherever and watch in amazement as the frizz is kept at bay! It smells wonderful and doesn’t leave hair greasy or sticky, in fact it helps to make hair smooth and sleek thanks to a silicone-based molecule called dimethicone. The spray works through the hair and cyclomethicone molecules act as a barrier to those pesky water molecules in the air to keep your hair as perfect as when you leave the house! As a testiment to how good this product is I should tell you that my hair is naturally VERY curly and SUPER prone to frizz so if it can keep my mane tame I’m certain it will work for you too!

Got any tips for keeping the frizz at bay? Both my hair and I would love to hear them so feel free to comment below! Hope the rain doesn’t spoil your Saturday!




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