Welcome to The Scientific Beauty!

Ever wished that you could have the science jargon behind the latest beauty products and treatments decoded into plain English? Then look no further! My name is Sophie, a PhD student in protein biochemistry with a passion for science and all things girly; through this blog I hope to share with you some of the fascinating science that goes on in all those lotions and potions in your bathroom cupboard and help you to separate the beauty facts from the fiction. We all like to know what we put into our bodies when we eat, surely the same should apply to what we spread all over our faces every day?

Over the course of this blog I hope to use the knowledge that I have accumulated over my years in the field of biochemistry to explain how the latest beauty treatments have their effects (or lack of!) and to explain some basic scientific principles to you along the way to help you make more informed decisions when out shopping for your beauty buys. I would welcome any suggestions of products to cover and it would be great if fellow scientists wanted to contribute any articles or pearls of wisdom!

As a female scientist I am also keen to encourage more ladies to take an interest in science, so along the way I may give you some insights into my life as a scientist and would be happy to answer any queries from anyone debating about a career in science. After all, is brains and beauty not the best combination?




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